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critical clean cut
collaboration with Justyna Ataman

Identifying and exemplifying possible actions in times of crisis

Crisis calls for change, and change calls for actions. We have identified three suitable actions in times of crisis; cleaning, restoring and tearing down. This is represented as a 'critical clean cut' through the old, worn and dirty factory in Blumenthal. It is a critical statement in a critical time. We all are in the position of power, and through actions we can shape our future path.

In 2008 the Wool-combing factory "Bremer Woll-kämmerei" (BWK) had to close down a big part of their factory in the Bremen suburb Blumenthal, Germany, leaving the workers jobless and the district in economical crisis. The streets are dominated by several closed shops and deserted windows as a representation of the general economic and social situation.
This again is a representation of the state of crisis in Europe and Greece in particular. It seems that crisis is mainly perceived as a negative condition, a condition where the past becomes glorified and sometimes an aim in itself.
In the greek origin of the term, crisis is merely a difficult time where often difficult decisions have to be made, it is a turning point, a time for change and development. We believe that in this point, we are in the position of power, in position of defining the future path. In crisis it's important to look forward, to notice new possibilities rather than obstacles while, of course, recognising past events, conflicts and consequences.

Exhibition "Produktschau" – Palast der Produktion, BWK
Blumenthal, Bremen, Germany 2012

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